RDE Chapter 228: Big Uncle Requests a Meeting


Title: 人皇 The Records of the Human Emperor

Author: 皇甫奇 (Huangfu Qi)
Edited by: Welmar
QC-ed by: Welmar


Chapter 228: Big Uncle Requests a Meeting

Recruiting more editors for this series~~
Must have a good grasp of the language to clear away those awkward portions while retaining the meaning and tone of the passage.
-> You get to read chapters in advance
-> You get to rush translator to work faster
(I usually only translate when stockpile runs out, and my stockpile has been lying around for two weeks already, though Welmar has been clearing them steadily)


5 thoughts on “RDE Chapter 228: Big Uncle Requests a Meeting

    1. Well I put it at 250 to give myself a chance too. If I could continue by that point, I would try to continue.

      But in any case, 3 chapter a week is really cmi, even if just to 250. I’ve got a stockpile and all I need now is more good editors to work on them so that I can release on a more regular schedule

      1. Xenasora

        If you still need an editor, I’m down for it 🙂 I’m an Australian born Chinese (but don’t ask me to translate anything complicated TT^TT My chinese is still pretty crap even though its supposed to be my first language)

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