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Starve (Translator)

Just a normal translator from Singapore.
Currently in the midst of his study, but translates as a part-time job.

The first series that I worked on in 2014 before getting enlisted in the army is Zhan Long. Initially, I got into it via the manga and the concept of VRMMORPG got to me. Thus, I applied for the position of a translator and managed to get in. But soon, army got to me and I stopped at around chapter ~70.

During my army days, due to a recommendation from a friend, I started reading The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich and really loved the story. As such, I followed the other translation websites and started my own WordPress and began translating the novel so as to share it with others. Eventually, I joined GT and began translating on their platform.

I truly loved The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich, but due to my failure to plan the terminologies out properly, the minor inconsistencies began to grit on me. Furthermore, as a highly-descriptive novel with many details, translating it wasn’t easy. Eventually, I decided to drop the novel eventually and pass it on to better hands. All in all, it was a hard novel to do, but I was blessed with good editors and friends from GT who assisted me greatly along the way.

Meanwhile, I started on various other novels, Heaven’s Shadow and Library of Heaven’s Path. Eventually, due to some compelling situation, I had to stop translating Heaven’s Shadow, but continued on with Library of Heaven’s Path. While there are still things that I feel I could improve with the translation of Library of Heaven’s Path, overall, I’m still quite satisfied with the quality, and it delights me to see people enjoying the work.

And thus, I went on and embarked on one of the harder novels to translate—a historical one—The Records of the Human Emperor. The difficulty lies in mainly the setting, where the rankings of officials might not have a clear translation for in English. Also, there is also a need to balance modern terms with historical terms so as to not result in an awkward anachronism. It was challenging but fun, and there is an odd sense of satisfaction from seeing a work which you have put your effort into being completed. Similarly, I have been blessed with very good editors in this. As I wanted this work to be as perfect as it could be (at least to the extent of my abilities), I have been very fussy, wanting my editors to make constructive edits to better refine sentences and change awkward phrasing. Thankfully, I found a group of editors who were willing to go along with my whims and worked really hard on this novel despite their difficult schedules. There are still things to improve on, but I believe that we have done our best for this novel, and we are improving with such experiences.

And so, here we are today, and let’s see how far we can go with this.

Series worked on:
Zhan Long (A few chapters at the very start)
The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
Heaven’s Shadow
Library of Heaven’s Path
The Records of the Human Emperor
(And several one-shots in the archive haha)

Desertdoe (Lead Editor)

Winner of Diligence Award 8/2017, 9/2017

Fun fact:
Doe actually refers to an unidentified male corpse
(We used to think that it refers to an adult female goat)

Series worked on:
The Records of the Human Emperor
Unrivaled Tang Sect

Welmar (Editor)

A confident elderly who engages in both computer work and edits at his spare time
Winner of Diligence Award 10/2017

Top quotes from Welmar:
A Mr. Perfect like me doesn’t do dumb things.
Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.
Anyone else is just a copycat. I’m the original.
Even if it seems dumb, it’s just my way of testing my many admirers.

Series worked on:
The Records of the Human Emperor

Savage Bunny (Editor)

Often having trouble with sports 😛
Winner of Diligence Award 4/2017, 5/2017, 6/2017, 7/2017
Currently working on 4 books simultaneously(!?!)

Series worked on:
The Records of the Human Emperor

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