Heaven’s Shadow


Heaven’s Shadow/ 天影 (Tian Ying)
Author: 萧鼎 (Xiao Ding)/ Desolate Cauldron
Raws: http://book.qidian.com/info/1003723851
Current Chapter: 302 (Still in progress)


The world is made up of the five elements, and it could be divided into Yin and Yang.
Beneath the heavens, on the ancient divine center continent, billions of lives thrive in the prosperous era of the cultivation.
Across its vast lands, happiness, sadness, reunion, and separation played out in the long lives of those seeking immortalhood.
Light is always accompanied by darkness, and under the radiance of the heavens, there are silent shadows moving about…

Translator Synopsis:
(Contains spoiler)
Recommended to not read it (It is more interesting to piece the story together)

With the identity of Hei Lang, Lu Chen infiltrates the Three Realm Divine Cult to thwart their plans.
However, in the midst of doing so, he was cursed by a Barbarian Fire Shaman to suffer for all eternity under the incineration of black flames.
However, by some coincidence, he managed to survive the ordeal, and he went into hiding in a remote village known as the Clear Stream Village.
However, under the plague of the Curse of Black Flames and the pursuit of the remnants of the Three Realm Divine Cult, Lu Chen found his peaceful life slowly coming to an end as everything closed in on him.

Extract: A Short Conversation Between Lu Chen and He Changsheng

The Dreamlike Melody (如梦令) (First Arc) (Chapter 1-49)
The Adventures of the Youth (Chapter 50-)


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