Library of Heaven’s Path Glossary

May contain spoilers! This page is for Starve’s easy reference.

Cultivation Realms

Fighter 9-dans
Each realm is split into 4 stages, primary, intermediate, advanced and pinnacle.

1-dan Juxi (一重聚息) Forging Breath Realm
Learning how to breathe innately, sense spirit particles in the air and guide their flow into one’s body
Primary – 50kg
Intermediate – 70kg
Advanced – 90kg
Pinnacle – 110kg

2-dan Dantian (二重丹田) Dantian Realm
The opening up of one’s dantian to allow it to hold spirit energy as well as to reform one’s body, turning a normal human into a true Fighter.

3-dan Zhenqi (三重真气) True Essence Realm
The gathering of the spirit energy in the dantian to create zhenqi.

4-dan Pigu (四重皮骨) Body Tempering Realm
The zhenqi will overflow from one’s dantian and enrich one’s body, causing one’s physical body to become powerful. One’s organs will also grow stronger, thus becoming a true expert.

5-dan Dingli (五重鼎力) Cauldron Strength Realm
Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm is an extension of the Pigu realm. The purpose of this stage is to temper the zhenqi of the cultivator to his body.
Primary – 1 ding
Intermediate – 2 ding
Advanced – 3 ding
Pinnacle – 4 ding
Note: 1 ding = 1000kg of might.

6-dan Pixue (六重辟穴) Acupoint Opening Realm
Out of the 108 acupoints in a human’s body, only 72 can be opened. The acupoint must be broken through in a precise manner or it may cause the other acupoints to clog and to be unable to be opened in their entire life. An acupoint unlocked will increase the cultivator’s strength by 1 ding.
Primary – 1-18 acupoints opened (1-10 for Tianxuan Kingdom)
Intermediate – 19-36 acupoints opened (11-20 for Tianxuan Kingdom)
Advanced – 37-54 acupoints opened (21-30 for Tianxuan Kingdom)
Pinnacle – 55-72 acupoints opened (>30 for Tianxuan Kingdom)
Therefore, the maximum strength one can reach at Pixue realm is 76 ding.
-Exception: Zhang Xuan (He has managed to open up all 108 acupoints in his body)

7-dan Tongxuan (七重通玄) Profound Connection Realm
Primary – 100 ding
Intermediate – 200 ding
Advanced – 300 ding
Pinnacle – 400 ding

Half Zongshi (半步宗师) Half-Grandmaster Realm
Could range from 400 ding to 1000 ding
-The strongest expert of Tianxuan Kingdom is at this level

8-dan Zongshi (八重宗师) Grandmaster Realm
To reach Zongshi realm, one must be Will of Mind 2-dan Heart of Tranquil Water
Primary – 1000 ding
Intermediate – 2000 ding
Advanced – 3000 ding
Pinnacle – 4000 ding

Half Zunshi (半步尊师) Half-Supreme Realm
Could range from 4000 ding to 10000 ding
-The strongest expert of Tier 1 Tianwu Kingdom is at this level

9-dan Zhizun (九重至尊) Supreme Realm
Primary – 10000 ding
Intermediate – 20000 ding
Advanced – 30000 ding
Pinnacle – 40000 ding

Half-Transcension (半步化凡)
Could range for 40000 to 100000 ding

Transcendent Mortal 9-dans(化凡境) (Divine Realm)
Each realm is split into 4 stages, primary, intermediate, advanced and pinnacle.

1-dan Prolonged Longevity (一重增寿)
The average longevity of a cultivator is below 100
Upon reached pinnacle, one’s lifespan would be increased to 200
This level will not induce any increase in one’s strength

2-dan Origin Energy (二重元气) (Mystical Energy realm)
One’s Essence Energy(zhenqi) would undergo a qualitative evolution to form Origin Energy, which is capable of moving the world’s essence. While Essence Energy (zhenqi) represents one’s strength and the potential of one’s life, Origin Energy can meld into nature, gathering energy from it. At this level, one would have unlocked the secrets of the world. For example, an ordinary paper infused with Origin Energy can gain spiritualism, being able to float on its own. As such, Origin Energy realm is also known as Mystic Energy Realm.

3-dan Yin-Yang (三重阴阳)
Yin Yang comes in pair, and complementing one another, they induce growth in a cultivator.

4-dan Clarifying Turbidity (四重浊清)
There is differing purity to Origin Energy, and everyone’s soul has different weight. At this realm, one is able to purify the quality of one’s Origin Energy. In other words, this realm is an opportunity for one to cleanse one’s Origin Energy (Essence Energy/ zhenqi)
Also, at this realm, one would be able to see peer through the veil of the world to see the truth. Even without looking, just by using one’s senses, one would be able to peer into objects several hundred meters away. (493)
-The level of a top expert in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance

5-dan Consonant Spirit (五重合灵)
-Harmonizing one’s soul with one’s body to perfection, allowing the both to be completely in sync.

6-dan Cosmos Bridge (六重桥天)
-Building an ‘inner bridge’ to communicate with the world

7-dan Perfect Harmonization (七重归一)
-One’s soul melding together with the world at large to form a singularity. Every single movement would carry a sharp edge to it.

8-dan Ethereal Treading (八重踏虚)
-Seeing through the illusions of the world, hiding one’s edge within. One would be able to stop temporarily in midair.

9-dan Chrysalis (九重蚕封)
-Also known as Nascent Heart Realm. A Nascent Heart will form within one’s body, and one’s energy will be sealed into it. When it finally breaks out of its cocoon to become a butterfly, one would have reached Half-Saint.

Beyond Transcendent Mortal, cultivators would gain the ability to fly.

Saint 9-dans (圣境)

Half-Saint (半圣)

Nascent Saint (从圣)

Saint 1-dan Void Pursuit
-The level at which one will be completely capable of flight
-Zhenqi Spatial Lock

Saint 2-dan Spiritual Perception
-The opening of the Incipient Eye, and thus, awakening the Spiritual Perception (585)
-Can extend one’s soul to the surroundings to perceive an area around one.

Saint 3-dan Embryonic Soul

Will of Mind

Refers to one’s cultivation of the mind. It affects one’s control over their cultivation, as well as the speed of the rise of their cultivation.

2-dan: Heart of Tranquil Water
-Allows one’s mind to remain completely tranquil regardless of the conditions one is in.
-Can be divided into two, [State of One] and [State of Insight]

State of Insight
-The Stone of Insight reflects one’s Soul Depth, which measures how strong one’s State of Insight is.
-Enlightenment Jade can raise one’s Soul Depth through contact.
One could be considered as a genius in Tianwu Kingdom (Tier 1) if he possesses a Soul Depth of 5.
If one has a Soul Depth exceeding 1, there is a 50% chance of them becoming a master teacher.
If one has a Soul Depth exceeding 1.5, there is a 70% chance of them becoming a master teacher.

Inferior Stone of Insight can only measure up to 9.0, while Intermediate Stone of Insight measures >9.0

Unique skills of Master Teachers:
[Soul Depth > 3] Impartation of Heaven’s Will (Chapter 234)
-When the lecture of a teacher was aligned with the essence of cultivation, they would generate a force field, inducing students in the surroundings to cultivate according to the method taught in the lecture.
-On top of that, one can also use it to ‘bewitch’ others to follow their commands. However, only works on those with lower Soul Depth than them.
(However, this is also limited to various factors. For example, being recongized by the heavens i.e. being a Celestial Master Teacher will grant greater credibility to one’s words, thus allowing one to possibly beguile those of higher Soul Depth than them)
Also, it is also limited by cultivation as well. If there is too huge a disparity in the cultivation realm, it might not work as well.

[Soul Depth > 10] Photographic Memory (Chapter 247)

Eye of Insight -> A skill only 6-star master teachers possess
It allows one to see the essence of matter and analyze the flaws of everything it lays its eyes upon, be it a person’s cultivation technique, a certain object, or anything else. In a way, it works similar to the Library of Heaven’s Path. However, it has its limitations in that the object or person analyzed mustn’t be too much stronger than the person utilizing the Eye of Insight. However, as one’s Soul Depth grows, the Eye of Insight will be able to peer into the flaws of those stronger than one.
Soul Tempering of a Mentor’s Calligraphy (师字炼心)
-It is said that some artistic works are able to temper one’s mind. The writing of Kong shi, the greatest master teacher in history, is known to be able to raise a master teacher’ Soul Depth just by studying it.
Soul Enlightenment (557)
Vanquishing Facade, Lucid Mind (Will of Mind 3-dan)
Also known as Lucid Analytical Realm (Require Soul Depth of 12, 4-star master teacher, but not necessarily can reach just because one’s Soul Depth reached 12)
This ability allows one to see through the superficial and peer into the essence of matter.
Cultivation Impartation (445)
-Formidable master teachers could design a cultivation technique based on their students physique and use their own zhenqi to impart energy into the latter to raise their cultivation
-Require one to be a 6-star master teacher, and a perfect understanding of one’s student
-However, it could cause one’s cultivation to be unstable
Spirit Gathering Diction (447) 言聚灵气,口吐莲花
-Ability of a 5-star master teacher
-As one’s Impartation of Heaven’s Will reaches a certain level, one would be able to draw in significant spiritual energy from the surroundings to aid in the cultivation of those listening to the lecture.
Ten Li of Vacuum (604) 言聚灵气,十里真空
-Ability of a 6-star master teacher
-This is an upgrade of the Spirit Gathering Diction. At this realm, one would be able to draw in so much spiritual energy that it creates a temporary spiritual energy vacuum in a radius of ten li around the lecture.

Becoming a Celestial Master Teacher will cause Insight Energy to descend from the heavens.

Inner World
This refers to the depths of one consciousness, where one’s soul resides.

Soul Impartation (7-star)

Mind of Void (无念无想)
A state in which a body is able to move based on instincts itself, even without a soul or intent to drive it.
Zhang Xuan gains this after his Third Celestial Master Teacher Acknowledgement

Zhang Xuan’s Students

Wang Ying
-Daughter of the clan head of Wang Clan, Wang Hong
-Her legs were injured for a significant period of time before it was healed by Zhang Xuan

Liu Yang
-Ex-student of Cao Xiong
-His right hand is injured due to training a battle technique beyond his physical abilities

Zheng Yang
-A spear user who was once humiliated by the person he had a crush on

Zhao Ya
-Daughter of the Baiyu City Lord
-Suffers from ‘heat’ due to training in a pure yin cultivation technique despite possessing Pure Yin Body
-Pure Yin Body awakened by 10% by Unravel Yin Pill

Yuan Tao
-Fatty with Emperor’s Bloodline
-Emperor’s Bloodline awakened by 10% by Rhinoceros Blood

Lu Chong
-A student with no particular talent but an unyielding will
-Kneeled for seven days straight to enter the Tianwu Academy
-Learned Heaven’s Path Poison Body from Zhang Xuan
-Possesses the Acquired Soul Physique (A much stronger soul than an average cultivator)


Zhenqi refers to the energy that is accumulated from the gathering of spiritual energy from the air and suppressing them before absorbing it into one’s body.
The purer the zhenqi is, the more clear it would be, the further is able to progress on the route of cultivation.
There are 3 tiers to the zhenqi one can gather in the air

The purity of one’s zhenqi depends on one’s cultivation skill. One’s cultivation technique can be divided into the following levels:
Each tier is then split further into low-tier, intermediate-tier, and high-tier, and pinnacle

[Chapter 45 and 317]

Each tier is then split further into low-tier, intermediate-tier, high-tier, and pinnacle.

[Chapter 45 and 317]

Battle Techniques:
Spirit (The level of a top-notch expert in a Conferred Kingdom) -> Requires one to be at Transcendent Mortal realm
Phantom (The level of a top-notch expert in a Tier 1 Kingdom)
Mortal (The level of a top-notch expert in Tianxuan Kingdom)
It is further split into low-tier, intermediate-tier, high-tier, and pinnacle
Mastery can be divided into
Minor Accomplishment
Major Accomplishment
Spirit Euphoria (灵性激荡)
Rookie and Expert

Nine Paths (Occupation)

Refers to how esteemed one’s occupation is. Split into 3 Nine Paths:
Upper Nine Paths
Middle Nine Paths
Lower Nine Paths.

The rankings of each occupation are divided from 1-star to 9-star, where 9-star means that one has reached the peak of the occupation.

Upper Nine Paths
-E.g. Apothecary, Blacksmith, Formation Master, Teacher, Master Teacher, Physician, Beast Tamer, Seer(Chapter 248)
-Of which, Master Teacher is the most esteemed occupation of all

Middle Nine Paths
-E.g. Appraiser, Disguiser

Lower Nine Paths
-E.g. Gourmet, Way of Tea (Tea Master), Painter, Poison Master, Celestial Designer (Master Mechanic), Arcane Tunist

Soul Oracle (extinct)

Unclassified (Does not fit into the occupation structure)
Herbologist, Origin Flame Glacier Plain, Mystic Gates Hidden Jia

For Upper Nine Paths, one’s occupation rank is deeply related to one’s cultivation realm. For example, without a sufficiently strong cultivator, an apothecary will be unable to raise the temperature of a flame high enough to fully extract a herb, thus limiting the quality of the pill he could forge. Similarly, for formation masters, they won’t be able to trigger a formation if they don’t possess sufficient zhenqi to activate it.

However, not all occupations follow such strict rules. For example, painters and appraisers depend more on skill rather than cultivation.

General Cultivation Realm to Occupation Ranking:
Fighter 7-dan: 1-star
Fighter 8-dan: 2-star
Fighter 9-dan to Transcendent Mortal 1-dan: 3-star
Transcendent Mortal 2-dan to Transcendent Mortal 4-dan: 4-star
Transcendent Mortal 5-dan: Half 5-star
Transcendent Mortal 6-dan to Transcendent Mortal 8-dan: 6-star
Transcendent Mortal 9-dan: Half 6-star
Half-Saint to Saint 1-dan: 6-star

Nine Mo Craftsman (Craftsman Ranking System)
Craftsman are split into 9 mo, with 1-mo being the worst of them all

Teachers can be split into 3 categories
Low-level teachers
High-level teachers
Star teachers

There are three types a student a teacher could accept:
Listening in (Meaning, simply listening to the teacher’s lectures)
Normal student (Only taught the basic knowledge)
Direct disciple (The teacher would impart all of his knowledge to him)

Half-teacher means that the teacher has only taught the person on a single or few occasions. Even though they can’t be officially recognized as teacher and student, they are still somewhat in the relationship.

Teacher-student Relationship Tiers:

Master Teacher

Founder of Master Teacher Pavilion: Empyrean Kong shi
-Possesses Innate Saint Soul Depth (Soul Depth comparable to a 9-star master teacher from birth)
-Led the human race to expel the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe back then. (Otherworldly Demon)
-Known to have more than 3000 disciples, but the strongest of them all are known as the 72 Sages. One of the known 72 Sages is Sage Min.
-Kong shi Admits a Disciple, the Student of the Sage (The phenomenon triggered when Kong shi recognizes a disciple)

Conditions for becoming an Assistant Master Teacher (Otherwise known as Master Teacher’s apprentice)
-Must be at least a high-level teacher or star teacher
-Acknowledged by a Master Teacher

Conditions for becoming a Master Teacher
-A trust level of 60 and above from one of his student
-Has to be an Assistant Master Teacher
-Has to be recommended by a Master Teacher
-Needs to have a supporting occupation (Has to be an official member of another occupation e.g. 1-star apothecary)
-Achieve Will of Mind 2-dan Heart of Tranquil Water, [State of Insight]
-Minimum of Tongxuan realm
-Has to have at minimum a Soul Depth of 3

2-star master teachers must be of minimum Zongshi realm, 3-star master teachers must of be minimum Zunshi realm, and so on.
2-star master teachers must have a minimum of Soul Depth of 6, 3-star master teachers must have a minimum of Soul Depth of 9, and so on.

2-star Master Teacher Examination
1] House of Trust
-The students’ Trust Level must exceed 50
-Heart Inquisition Crystal
2] Supporting Occupation Pavilion
-One would be tested on his ability to guide others on his occupation (E.g. an apothecary has to guide a puppet on pill forging)
-A puppet will start forging first, but it will be full of errors. One is supposed to correct the errors by instructing the puppet on the second round of forging.
-Maximum score of 100
-Every correct instruction will result in one point added, while every incorrect instruction will result in one point deducted.
-However, as the answers are based on a 4-star expert of the occupation, it might not be entirely correct. If there is an error in the ‘answer key’, one point will be deducted first (the system assuming that it’s wrong), before 3 points are added (one bonus point)
3] Puppet Hall
-Two fighting puppets will appear before one, and they will have different moves and battle techniques. One has to offer guidance such that one side achieves victory over the other.
4] Cultivation Technique Ocean
-The Cultivation Technique Ocean will randomly pick out a book for the examinee, and the examinee will have an incense’s time to look through the book. After which, he has to conduct a lecture, which will be judged by the Whilom Sage Bell and the master teachers present.
-1 Chime: Pass
-2 Chimes: Good
-3 Chimes: Excellent
-4 Chimes: Outstanding
-5 Chimes: Flawless Comprehension
-6 Chimes: Perfection
-7 Chimes: Approval of the Sages
-Harmonious Chiming of the Hundred Bells: Admiration of the Sages
5] Unerring Pavilion
-A puppet will display cultivation technique, battle technique, or even skills from one’s supporting occupation. One has to detect the errors in it and point them out.
Question Symposium
-Easiest test, mainly just for show to introduce the master teacher to the crowd.

Tutelage Jade Token

Celestial Master Teacher
-Signified by Trembling of Myriad Tokens, Harmony of the Chimes
-This phenomenon grows stronger the more times one gets acknowledged.

Trust Level
-60: Parents
-85: Life-and-death Kindreds
-99: Impeccable Trust, Life-and-death Companions

Teacher Acknowledgement Hall
-Where master teachers seek the acknowledgement of their ancestors after passing the master teacher examination
-The more talented a master teacher was, the more ancestors that would acknowledge them.
-This acknowledgement would grant the candidate a unique aura that allowed master teachers to recognize them.
Rejection of the Ancestors, Sorrowful Chimes of the Bell

Master Teacher Classification (396)
1-star to 3-star: Primary master teacher
4-star to 6-star: Intermediate master teacher
7-star to 9-star: Advanced master teacher

Pavilion Crashing
Master Teacher Tower
If a master teacher wishes to go against the will of the Master Teacher Pavilion, they could conduct a Pavilion Crashing.
It refers to the act of challenging an entire Master Teacher Pavilion as an individual.
Successful crashing would absolve one of his crimes as indicted by the Master Teacher Pavilion (with the exception of betraying humanity)

Master teacher moral code

Hall of Commandment (563)
-The place where master teacher who infringes the rules are punished.

Master Teacher Registry (563)
-Records the name of all master teachers

Master Teacher Confrontation/ Life-and-Death Duel (名师挑战/ 生死战)
-For master teachers who have a grudge with one another, they are able to challenge each other to a Master Teacher Confrontation or even a Life-and-Death Duel.
-It must be approved by the headquarters (Which is done by dripping a blood on one’s master teacher emblem)
-Also, the cultivation realm of both sides mustn’t have too much a disparity.

For master teachers of half 5-star and below, they are further classified into four sub-tiers:
This is mainly determined by their cultivation realm and capability. There is no need for any examination to progress through the sub-tiers

For 5-star master teachers and above, they are classified mainly by their classification realm (though their capability as a master teacher must be up to par as well)
There are three main sub-tiers in each rank
They correspond to the three cultivation realm in each realm.
Half 5-star master teacher -> Transcendent Mortal 5-dan
5-star low-tier master teacher -> Transcendent Mortal 6-dan
5-star middle-tier master teacher -> Transcendent Mortal 7-dan
5-star high-tier master teacher -> Transcendent Mortal 8-dan
Half 6-star master teacher -> Transcendent Mortal 9-dan
6-star low-tier master teacher -> Half-Saint
6-star middle-tier master teacher -> Nascent Saint
6-star high-tier master teacher -> Saint 1-dan
In between the various rankings (such as 5-star low-tier master teacher to Half 6-star master teacher), there is no need to take an examination to promote from one sub-tier to another. It is more of a convenient way of classification then a rigid ranking system.

Half-Teacher Formality
-The formality that one does in recognition of a person as his half-teacher

Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy

Combat Master Selection
Combat masters are a sub-occupation of master teachers, a branch that specializes in combat. It happens once every 5 years in Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy

Silence restraint
A form of respect that lower ranked master teacher show higher ranked master teacher

Tribunal of Master Teacher
A place where master teachers are judged for their crimes

Apothecary Pill Classification
Pills are classified based on grade (grade-1, grade-2…) with each grade corresponding to the star of the apothecary (i.e. A 1-star apothecary can forge a grade-1 pill, a 2-star can forge a grade-2 pill)
Pills can be split into four different levels of quality depending on their efficacy (which is reflected through their appearance):
Inscribed Pill

All pills, except for Inscribed Pill, possesses pill poison. It will accumulate in one’s body, blocking one’s meridians and acupoints, making it difficult for one to advance his cultivation. Can be solved.
Also, overconsumption of pills results in reliance on pills. One will lose confidence in his own skills to break through with his own strength, resulting in his mindset becoming his bottleneck.

There are two ways for one to become an apothecary from an apprentice apothecary
Pill Forging & Pill Debate

Apothecary Examination: Being able to forge a grade-3 pill makes a 2-star apothecary qualified to be promoted to 3-star apothecary (and so on)

Wall of Pill Formulae
-Connected to the headquarter; one can trade for a pill formulae slightly above their rank or knowledge not too profound for their level for a cost.

Hall of Commandment (刑法殿) 564

Pill Fragrance (丹香)

Painter Classification

It is said that high-rank painters are able to create work capable of tempering one’s mind. Also, they are able to materialize the content of their painting. Legend has it that a painter has once drawn a divine crane and soared into the heavens with it.

Painting Levels
1 Reality Depiction
2 Spiritual Canvas
3 Infused Intentions
4 Breathtaking Verisimilitude
5 Spirit Creation
6 Spiritual Wisdom
7 Elation of Unearthed Disposition, Enlightened Spirit (465) –> Ridding Phantasm to Materialize

Tea Master (Tea Practitioner)
Tea masters are known to be able to brew excellent tea. High ranked tea masters can brew tea with the effects of soothing and tempering one’s soul. Also, they can also retain the heat and fragrance within a teacup, thus allowing it to remain fresh no matter how long a time has passed.

Tea Classification (Tea Preparation levels)
Redolent Hue
Essence Restoration
Infused Intentions
Diffusing Fragrance

Tea Aroma levels
Sweet Aroma (1)
Revitalizing Spirit (2)
Alluring Reminiscence (4)
Congregation of the Hundred Birds (9)

Beast Tamer
A Beast Tamer’s rank depends on how strong the Savage Beast he can capture.

Beast Halls are usually located beyond towns, deep in the forests or mountains where they can house many savage beasts. Typically, it is difficult to tame a beast, and taming a beast stronger than one usually takes many years of companion and fawning upon to win its trust to convince it into making a pact with one. There are many psychological factors involved in taming a savage beast, and the most common trick used by most beast tamers involve the carrot and the stick.

3 Ways of Treating a Savage Beast’s Injuries (Also known as Tamed Beast)
1) Forging a suitable pill and feeding it to stimulate its recovery [Apothecary]
2) The tamed beast and the beast tamer has to cultivate the same cultivation technique (skill) [Beast Tamer]
3) Helping it break through its cultivation [Master Teacher]

A Savage Beast’s strength relies mainly on its innate talent and its race (for e.g. a Gold Alloyed Panther can only remain as a Pixue realm savage beast)
-The difference between a high-tier Savage Beast and a low-tier Savage Beast is the purity of its bloodline.
-The purer a bloodline, the higher the cultivation realm limit of a Savage Beast
-Conventionally, a Beast Tamer would take years to cleanse the bloodline of a Savage Beast to raise its cultivation.

Type of Beasts:
Savage Beast (Fighter 1-dan to Fighter 9-dan)
Ancient Beast (Possessing the ancient bloodline. Along with the triggering of their bloodline, their strength would grow swiftly)
Primordial Beast (A bloodline going even further back than ancient bloodline; stronger than ancient beast)
Spirit Beast (Upon breaking through Fighter 9-dan)
Saint Beast (Upon breaking through Transcendent Mortal 9-dan)
-Langya Saint Beast

Beasts Tamed:
Gold Alloyed Panther
Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow (Ancient beast, given to 1-star Beast Tamer Yun Tao)
Viridescent Eagle
Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast

Beast Taming Method:
Beast Pummeling Taming Method

Beast Tamer Privilege:
1-star beast tamer can ride on Beast Mounts below Zongshi realm for free
2-star beast tamer can ride on Beast Mounts of Zongshi realm for free
[A discount will be given if a fee has to be paid]

Beast Tamer Currency:
Beast Bloodstone (Helps to induce a Bloodline Evolution)
-A Beast Bloodstone costs around 500k gold coins
-A ride on a Zongshi realm Beast Mount costs 20 Beast Bloodstone (10 million gold coin)

Taming Level (Depend on Loyalty Level => Equivalent to Trust Level)
Inceptive Taming (15~30)
Advanced Taming (31~45) => Signing of contract
Complete Submission (>45)

Savage beasts and spirit beasts possessing Dragon Bloodline tend to be much stronger, and their potential (cultivation cap) tend to be much higher than ordinary beasts as well. (422)
A savage beast can gain a trace of Dragon Bloodline through assimilating Dragon Blood. (However, it is extremely rare)
The Dragon Tribe is one of the strongest race on the continent, but it has already gone missing.
True Voice of Dragon
-Word of Submission, Bloodline Suppression (Works on those possessing Dragon Bloodline which hasn’t reached the level of a Pureblooded Dragon (True Dragon) 423)
-However, as the production of the sound requires the sound wave to travel through the meridians and harmonize all the acupoints within one’s body, it’s impossible for a human to produce it (even with superior zhenqi)
-On the other hand, True Incarnation of Dragon (humans) can do so.

Poison Master
Poison masters are shunned by the other occupations due to their allegiance to the Otherworldly Demon in the previous war against them. As such, they are unable to set up guilds openly in cities, and they are forced to remote corners such as the mountains and stuff.
Poison masters are known to wield the power to kill cultivators stronger than them by their unique use of poison, making them an extremely feared organization.
Coming into contact with poison often, poison would seep into their body, causing a trauma in their body.
【Art of Poison】 -> The book left behind by the first poison master.

Herb Kings (Red Lotus City)
-People deal with herbs. Trades with the Poison Hall.
-Leader: Great Herb King
-Poison Hall, Hall Master: Liao Xun
-Envoy: Gu Mu (Teacher: Jin Conghai)
-Crimson Flame Lotus Seed grows in the volcano beneath the Poison Hall branch. (Nourished through Earthen Flames)

Innate Poison Body (And Poison Body [Zhang Xuan])
-Innate Poison Body allows one to convert the energy within poison into their cultivation.
-Both grant a certain level of immunity to poison

Contract Gu (Great Herb King)
-Cannot be removed by anyone of 4-star and below (Uncertain what level it takes for a poison master to remove it)
-If the contractee died, the contractor would suffer a backlash from the Contract Gu and die as well.

Innate Fetal Poison (Zhang Xuan and Kong shi)
-A poison which one is afflicted with when one was still in his mother’s womb; the poison would meld with one’s blood and soul.
-Innate lack in fetal vitality
-Known as Innate Constitution of Premature Death, those afflicted with it don’t live past 30

Formation Master
It is one of the most prestigious occupations on Master Teacher Continent. A Formation Master is known to be capable of easily slaying opponents stronger than them as long as they are well-prepared.  Formation is usually made up of Formation Flags, though sometimes a Formation Core might be required on top of that. Such formations can only be triggered by Formation Masters who have a deep understanding of the formation.

Alternatively, formations could also be inscribed on a Formation Plate, though this will weaken the formation due to the size limitation. Also, this is an exceptionally troublesome job as it requires the inscribing of something extremely complex into a small plate so that it could be brought around easily. However, in exchange, any cultivator would be able to activate it by pumping zhenqi into it.

All formations contain a core where the energies intersect. By pumping zhenqi into this region, one can cause disruption in the energies across the entire formation, thus pausing it. However, this exact spot is nearly impossible to identify.

Formation Plate -> Can be activated easily to form a formation. Tend to be weak as a formation’s might is dependent on size.
(Require 3-star formation master to inscribe)
Formation Core
Formation Flag

Types of Formation:
Confinement Formation
Illusion Formation
Spirit Gathering Formation
Beguilement Formation
Hidden Formation
Augmented Formation (Overlapping formations together)

Synchronization Rate (Chapter 481)
20% -> Initiate
100% -> Perfect Formation, Perfect Harmonization, Absence of Ripples

Eight Main Gates of Formations:
Origin Gate x Closed Gate (开门 & 杜门)
Hibernation Gate x Panorama Gate (休门 & 杜门)
Life Gate x Death Gate (生门 & 死门)
Impair Gate x Fright Gate (伤门 & 惊门)

Wall of Dilemma (In Tianwu Kingdom)
-If one’s results in the Wall of Dilemma surpasses that of the incumbent guild leader, one will be able to take over his position (Chapter 330)
-The Wall of Dilemma is connected to the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, and it is assessed by a 4-star master teacher on the other side.
One ray of orange light: Subpass
Two rays of orange light: Pass
Three rays of orange light: Good
Four rays of orange light: Excellent
Five rays of orange light: Perfect
Red light: Fail

Soul Oracle
Soul oracles have also betrayed the human race and sided with the Otherworldly Demon during the war against them. As such, the Master Teacher Pavilion launched a crusade against them and cleared away every last one of their members, thus resulting in the loss of their heritage.
However, there could be tombs possessing the secret of their heritage do remain in this world, waiting to be uncovered.

While they are known to be able to live for eternity theoretically as unlike the body, the soul doesn’t age, they do have their limitations, such as the Five Declines. For example, Senescence Decline would cause one’s soul to slowly weaken with time, and thus one would have to cultivate continuously just to maintain one’s own cultivation realm. Also, they suffer from the heat of the sun, and are unable to come out in the middle of the day without a body. They are also exceptionally sensitive to yin energy, and it could cause extreme discomfort if their soul is left bare in the open during certain times of the day.

-Celestial Dance

-Soulless Metal Humanoid
This is the body that soul oracles use for offense as a puppet, as well as to house their souls. Possessing a Soulless Metal Humanoid will not induce Possession Decline.

-Oasis of the Mirage Deity

-Soul Guiding Method
This technique allows one to draw one’s soul out from one’s body

-Soul Severing Method
This technique allows one to divide one’s soul in two parts

Metal Coffin
Crimson Metal Coffin

Five Soul Declines: (507)
Possession Decline
Senescence Decline
Strength Decline
Searing Yang Decline
Sense Decline

Appraisers specialize in the identifying of artifacts, pointing out their history and functions. They have unique tests to determine the ranking of an appraiser, such as the Harmonious Stream of Flowing Goblets.

However, they have a limitation. That is, regardless of how many correct artifacts they have identified in the past or how high ranked they are in the occupation, as long as they make three mistakes throughout their career, they would be stripped of their license immediately. Thus, appraisers are reluctant to confirm on an appraisal unless they are absolutely certain. Alternatively, they would also invite fellow appraisers to assess an artifact that give a ‘suggestion’ instead.

Herbologist (Unranked occupation)
Herbologists are not recognized by the Master Teacher Pavilion due to their lack of complete heritage and the lack of a full hierarchical system that allows the ranking of herbologists.

Garden Owners
-People who own a garden

Herbologist Clans
-The clans who work with garden owners to take care of their plants. Most spirit plants have unique conditions that require a special way to take care of them. For example, some plants need to listen to melodious singing to maintain their survival.

Earth Vein Spirit Vine
-A mystical plant that absorbs and redistributes nutrients to the various plants that require them. It is an essential for every single garden, and the death of an Earth Vein Spirit Vine could represent the collapse of an entire garden.

Demonic Tunist
The occupation was begun by a 9-star Divine Tunist, who when cornered by his enemies, played a frenzied melody that killed all of his enemies. That day, everyone learned of how fearsome the occupation was, and eventually, a guild was formed.

Demonic Tunist specializes in the utilization of music to attack one’s soul. Similarly, Demonic Tunist is also able to play melodies to soothe one’s soul as well.

In the clash between fellow Demonic Tunists, as both sides are struggling to attack the soul of one another, such a clash cannot be stopped, and it’ll result in severe injury on one side.

Demonic Tune of Psychosis

Mystic Gates Hidden Jia (576)

Origin Gate x Closed Gate (开门 & 杜门)
Hibernation Gate x Panorama Gate (休门 & 杜门)
Life Gate x Death Gate (生门 & 死门)
Impair Gate x Fright Gate (伤门 & 惊门)


Upgradable Artifact 【可晋升法宝】 (611)


Myriad Kingdom Alliance (Alliance Head)
Tianxuan Kingdom
Hongtian Academy
-Logistics Branch
-Education Bureau
-Compendium Pavilion (Student & Teacher)
Tianxuan Royal City
-Wang Clan (Wang Ying, Wang Hong, Wang Yan)
-Bai Clan (Apothecary Bai Ming)
-Du Clan
Baiyu City
-Zhao Clan (Zhao Feng, Zhao Ya, Yao Han)

Teacher Guild
-Huang Yu, daughter of the Guild Leader of the Teacher Guild.
-Elder Mo
Apothecary Guild
-Tianxuan Kingdom Guild Leader: Ouyang Cheng (1-star intermediate stage apothecary)

Master Teacher Pavilion 
-Considered as a subsidiary of the Teacher Guild, but an autonomous existence
-Branch in Tier 1 Tianwu Kingdom
-Pavilion Master Jiang Shu
-Vice Pavilion Master Guan
-Pavilion Crashing

Poison Hall (Also known as the Poison Master Guild)
-Branch in Red Lotus Ridge
-Xuanyuan Branch
-Its surrounding is filled with a poison mist

Beast Hall (Also known as Beast Tamer Guild)
-Branch in Xuanluo Mountain Range (Hall Master Feng)

Appraiser Hall (Honghai City)

Celestial Designer Institute
Mainly does engineering work

Origin Flame Glacier Plain
It is an official occupation recognized by the Master Teacher Pavilion.
It is headed by those who possess Pure Yin Body. Its members will head out to seek those who possess the Pure Yin Body and bring them back as Holy Maidens. Once Holy Maidens fully awaken the Pure Yin Body, they will be able to take over as the Court Chief.
Current generation of Holy Maiden: Zhao Ya
Its members mainly cultivate yin and yang cultivation techniques.
Glacier Plain Court
Yin-Yang Lake, Seed Water

Unranked Empires (Influences/Sects)
-Mingxia Empire
-Henghai Empire
-Cascading Sand Sect (落沙宗)
-Frigid Gale Sect (寒气宗)
-Fleeting Cloud Sect (流云宗)
-White Helios Sect
-Spiralling Cosmos Sect

Tier-2 Empires
Huanyu Empire

Tier-1 Empires
Hongyuan Empire

Conferred Empires
Sage Ancestry -> Yuan Clan

Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy
Apothecary School  (丹院)
-Headed by Dean Lu

Blacksmith School

Demonic Tunist School

Terpsichore School

Painter School

Beast Tamer School

Physician School

Formation Master School

Library of Heaven’s Path

Book of Heaven’s Path.
-Whenever a student feels gratitude for Zhang Xuan, an empty golden page would be formed.
Effects: (Consumable)
1) Assimilate the contents of the books in the Library of Heaven’s Path into Zhang Xuan’s knowledge
2) Raise Soul Depth by 5
3) Smashing one’s enemy

Occasions where the golden page has been formed:
-When Zhang Xuan imparted the cultivation techniques to Zhao Ya and the others
-When Zhao Ya and the others stood up for Zhang Xuan at the Teacher Evaluation
-When the Guild Leader of the Master Teacher Pavilion
-Lu Chong
-Herb Garden

Heaven’s Path

Heaven’s Path Divine Art (Simplified version: Imparted to all five of Zhang Xuan’s students)
Heaven’s Path Golden Body (Imparted to all five of Zhang Xuan’s students + Lu Chong)
-Level 1: Grants ~100 ding of strength
-Level 2: Grants ~35000 ding of strength (The point where inferior Beast Blood Essence becomes useless) (Requires Spirit Beast Blood Essence)
Heaven’s Path Spear Art (Imparted to Zheng Yang, Wang Chong)
Heaven’s Path Fist Art (Imparted to Liu Yang)
Heaven’s Path Paint Art
Heaven’s Path Movement Art (Imparted to Wang Ying)
Heaven’s Path Leg Art (Imparted to Wang Ying)
Heaven’s Path Poison Art (Imparted to Lu Chong)
-Can cultivate Poison Body (With the books from the Red Lotus Range Branch, one is able to consume the poison of a 3-star poison master without any adverse effects)
Heaven’s Path Sword Art (Imparted to Zhao Ya)
Heaven’s Path Saber Art (Imparted to Xue Qing)
Heaven’s Path Disguise Art
-Grants one the ability of a Disguiser (contort one’s muscle to impersonate a person’s appearance)
Heaven’s Path Formation Art
Heaven’s Path Soul Art
Heaven’s Path Terpsichorean Art

Non-Heaven’s Path Battle Techniques

Red Dust Heaven Ascending Steps—Parallel Heaven Scroll

Zhang Xuan’s Ultimate Skills

Knockout Treatment Method
Beast Pummeling Taming Method
Daze Book Reading Technique
Formation-Crushing Kick Technique
Spiritual Perception Book Reading Technique (神识读书法)

Weapon Intent, Heart of Weapons

Sword Intent
-Sword Heart, Partial Heart realm (Call of the Myriad Swords)
-Swordless Realm (无剑之境)
Saber Intent
Spear Intent

Unique Constitution

Innate Unique Constitutions:
Zhao Ya -> Pure Yin Body
Yuan Tao -> Emperor’s Bloodline
Lu Chong -> Acquired Soul Physique, Combat Soul Constitution (563 and 602) (Ancient Domain of Soul Oracles)


Master Teacher Continent
Master Teacher Tournament (First place -> 100 middle-tier spirit stones)

Spirit Stones
The purity and quantity of the spiritual energy stored within a spirit stone determine its quantity.
-Low-tier (Commonly in use, normally as currency)

Celestial Chess (天星棋)

Tutelage Jade Token is also used as currency as well.
Each master teacher can distribute the jade tokens, but they can only distribute a limited number of it every year.


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