The Records of the Human Emperor Glossary

Main Characters

Wang Chong
-Grand Marshal of the Central Plains (Leader of all the armies)
-Reached Saint rank in his previous life
-15 years old (At start of story)

Wang Xiao Yao
-A person possessing incredible strength and talent in martial arts. Wang Chong’s younger sister.
-10 years old (At start of story)

Tuoba Guiyuan
-The number one blacksmith in the ‘previous world’
-Currently serving as Wang Chong’s apprentice

Ablonodan & Arloja
-Sindhi monks under the orders of the Sindhu High Priest to sell Hyderabad ores to the Central Plains
-Currently serving as Wang Chong’s bodyguard

Emperor Xuanzong (Li Longji)
-Otherwise known as Sage Emperor


I’m not able to find a map that can give all of the features depicted in the novel, but here you go.
By this point in the map, the Goguryeon Empire has already been annexed by the Tang Empire and Silla (or Greater Silla at that point), so you can’t really see Goguryeo anymore.
The Western and Eastern Turkic Khaganate are to the top left beyond what that can be seen in the map.
The Abbasid Caliphate and Charax Spasinu are all the way to the left, bordering the end of Great Tang.

Charax Spasinu (Persia) [Western Regions]
-Mosaide, Sulaiman

Abbasid Caliphate (Arab) [Western Regions]

Great Tang (Central Plains, China)

Ten Eastern Islands (Eastern Islands, Japan)
-Lies to the east of Great Tang

Sindhu (India) [West]
-Hyderabad (Where the Wootz steel sword originate from)
-Far west, borders with Abbasid Caliphate

Turkic Khaganate
-Split into the Eastern Turkic Khaganate and Western Turkic Khaganate (It was initially one country which underwent a split)
-Lies in the Northern Grasslands of Great Tang (Yin Mountains)

Goguryeo, Silla (Korea) [East]
-Located to the east of Great Tang, a powerful empire
-Dispatched a spy known as King Sosurim into Great Tang, and has built quite a powerful influence within the capital. King Sosurim conducts assassination against officials who were supported military action against Goguryeo.

Erhai (Dali, modern Yunnan) [Southern Regions]
Erhai actually refers to a lake in the region, but due to the fame of the lake, the entire region is addressed as such as well.
Erhai is known to have six polities, also known as the Six Zhao (六诏).
They are known as Menggui Zhao, Yuexi Zhao, Langqiong Zhao, Tengdan Zhao, Shilang Zhao, and Mengshe Zhao, and collectively, they are known as Nanzhao.
On the current timeline of the story, Mengshe Zhao has already annexed the other states, so Erhai and Nanzhao typically refers to it.
The current emperor is Geluo Feng, who is known invading Great Tang after his daughter and wife are humiliated by Jiannan Commandery Chief Zhang Wentuo.
-Bordered via Jianmen Pass

Ü-Tsang (Tibet) [Southern Regions]
-Borders with Great Tang by the Gansu Province, beside the Liupan Mountains
-Divine Monk of the great snow mountains.
-Ü-Tsang is a powerful empire located on top of a plateau, thus making it geographically disadvantageous to invade Great Tang. Together with Nanzhao, they pincer the southern region of Great Tang.
-Its ruler is known as Tsenpo, and the current ruler is known as the Seventh Tsenpo

Annam (Vietnam, Tonkin)
-It is located at the south of Great Tang, and is under the jurisdiction of the Southern Protectorate Manor.

Organizations in the Royal Court

Department of State Affairs:
Bureau of Personnel
Bureau of Revenue
Bureau of Rites
Bureau of War (Bureau of Military Personnel)
-Minister of War (兵部尚书)
Bureau of Justice (Bureau of Punishments)
Bureau of Works

Bureau of Punishments
Court of Judicial Review (Aides/ Officials of the Court of Judicial Review)
-In charge of filing documents and contracts
-Punishes anyone who fails to follow by the contract
-Governed by the Minister of Justice

Censorate (Head Censor/ Assistant Head Censor/ Censors)
-In charge of overlooking the actions of the officials and prevent corruption etc.
-Has the authority to report straight to the emperor straight

Bureau of Military Personnel
-In charge of the deployment of promotion of others
-Governed by the Minister of War

Imperial Army
-Split into (Marshal) Zhao Fengchen & (General) Huang Xiaotian’s Faction
-Grand Marshal -> Marshal -> General -> Captain -> Lieutenant
-Imperial Inspector (Chamberlain of Imperial Insignia, an official who leads the Imperial Army to guard the capital)
In-charge of patrolling the capital to ensure order
Quill, Regal, Serpent, Dragon, Tortoise

Four Quarters Embassy
-In charge of hosting diplomatic visitors
-Old Master Yao and Grandpa Wang (Erudite Pavilion) live there
-Heavily guarded by experts of the Imperial Army
-The emperor often visits to consult Grandpa Wang there

The Six Protectorates
-Established by the preceding emperor
-In charge of guarding the various regions
-Possess military might

Northern Protectorate Manor
(Guard against the Turkic Khaganate)
In charge of guarding the northern border against the Eastern and Western Turkic Khaganate
Protector-General: Zhang Zhi Yun

Chanyu Protectorate Manor
It is located in the Eastern Turkic Khaganate
Protector-General: Li Dan

Southern Protectorate Manor
(Guard against the Mengshe Zhao and U-Tsang)
-Protector-General Zhangjiu Jianqiong (Auxiliary General)
Commandery Chief Zhang Wentuo
(The man who flirts with the wife and daughter of Mengshe Zhao emperor, Geluo Feng, resulting in the annihilation of an entire city)
The Future Southern Protector-General, Xianyu Zhongtong
(The man who would result in the tragic defeat of the Southern Protectorate Manor)

Western Protectorate Manor
-Protector-General Go Seonji (Duke of Miyun)

Western Regions Protectorate Manor
(Guard against threats from the Western Region i.e. Abbasid Caliphate and Charax Spasinu)
-Protector-General Fumeng Lingcha (Qiang tribe [Chapter 99])

Eastern Protectorate Manor
(Guard against Khitan and Kumo Xi)
-Protector-General Zhang Shougui
-Aide: Wu Zhiyi

Beiting Protectorate Manor
-Assistant Protector-General An Sishun

Finance Minister – Xue Zique

The Generals of the Royal Court
Geshu Han
-Vice-commander of the Big Dipper Army

-Crouching Waves army (伏波)
-Northern army (镇南军)
-Great Blitz army (大斗军) -> An army groomed personally by Wang Chongsi
-Big Dipper army

(168: Conferred Generals)
Crouching Waves General 楼船将军
Myriad Ships Admiral 破虏将军
Nine Cauldron General 九鼎将军
Myriad Crossbows General 万弩将军
Sea Dominating Admiral 横海将军
Barbarian Slaughtering General 平夷将军
South Guardian General 镇南将军
North Eradication General 扫北将军
South War General 南斗将军
Dragon Martial General 龙武将军
Dragon Cavalry General 龙骑将军
Vanguard General 冲锋将军


Rough Introduction to Cultivation

Acupoints are apertures within one’s body, and meridians are the pathways around the body, linking the acupoints together.
Usually, when a cultivator absorbs spiritual energy from the air, he would gather it as Origin Energy within one’s spirit sea, which is located at one’s dantian.
If one’s spirit sea is destroyed, one won’t be able to gather Origin Energy, and his Origin Energy would leak (and if so, his cultivation will be crippled).

Most techniques require a specific pathway for the Origin Energy to flow in order to execute. Thus, cultivators have to forge a certain pathway via their Origin Energy to execute a technique.

Root bone (Panther Bone, Tiger Bone, Dragon Bone) are a sign of one’s talents, and the quality of one’s root bone determine the techniques one can learn. Those who possess Dragon Bone are able to learn almost all techniques existent in this world.
One’s root bone can be forged via Bone Tempering Cultivation Technique, and there’s an ideal age (~teenage) to temper one’s root bone. After which, when one reaches a certain age, it’ll be difficult to do so anymore.

Cultivation Realms
Origin Energy Realm
(Tier 1 to 9)
-At Tier 4, one starts to produce Origin Energy
-At Tier 6, Heaven’s Gate opens (Allows one to absorbs Origin Energy from the external environment.)
-At Tier 7, Thousand Jin Descension
-At Tier 9, Deluge of Stellar Energy
Undergo Minor Evolution

True Martial Realm

Martial artist gain the ability to forge halos, which could boost their own capabilities depending on its nature.

Halo of Thorns
Halo of Strength
Halo of Charge
Halo of Speed
Halo of Iron
Halo of Myriad Warriors (Might of Myriad Warriors) (Bane of the Battlefield)
Halo of Mountains (Wang Xiao Yao’s halo)

Profound Martial Realm

Grand Halo of Thorns
Halo of Earth
Halo of Storm
Halo of Fortress
Halo of Titan

Emperor Martial Realm

Saint Martial Realm

God Martial Realm

Bone Tempering Cultivation Technique (Cultivates one’s root bone -> Affects one’s talent in cultivation)
-Often, past a certain age, it would become impossible to temper one’s bone anymore.
-Each tempering stage has three tiers (1-dan, 2-dan, 3-dan), and after reaching 3-dan, one can progress to the next level.

Dragon Bone Art
-Constellation Steps
-Contains a set of movement which resembles the movement of a dragon.
Dragon Bone Art Fist Technique (Dragon Breath Fist)
-Dragon Ascending the Clouds
-Submerging Dragon
-Dragon Spewing Water
-Dragon Raising Waves

Tiger Bone Art

Panther Bone Art

Cultivation Technique
Mountain Ascension Formula (Cultivated by Wei Hao)

-A technique without any bottleneck. As long as one works hard, one can reach as high as they could

Art of God and Demon Obliteration (The ultimate art of Su Zhengchen)
-Known as the greatest art of the Central Plains in terms of ability of cause destruction
-Su Zhengchen is currently finding a disciple for it, but due to the strict restrictions on the skill, he has been unable to find one.
-Wang Chong is fighting a battle of Go against him at Ghost Tree District

Fundamental formula (sutra): Art of Life Massacre
Sword Qi of Massacre (Has to undergo 9 circulations of expansion and contraction)

Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art
-One of the Five Mystical Arts
-Comes from the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Zhang Wenfu
-It is a skill that steals from heaven’s creations; it allows one to absorb the Origin Energy of others and take it for one’s use
– One has to master the Little Yinyang Art before he can learn this technique
-Known to be the cultivation technique that progresses the fastest

Myriad Spirit Sea Art
-Using one’s acupoints to replace one’s Spirit Sea

Martial Arts
Herculean Punch

-When used together with Dragon Bone Art, hastens the progress of it.

Single Character Consecutive Slash
-Created by Wang Chong. Consists of a set of bizarre and unpredictable movements and slashes.

Hundred Steps Divine Fist
-A legendary technique that allows an Origin Energy Tier 9 cultivator to emanate his Origin Energy to strike an object from a significant distance away.

Secret Art
Require a minimum of Origin Energy Tier 6 to cultivate.
-Strength type, dexterity type, speed type, spirit type.
Flexible Arm Fist
-Wang Chong has learned it from Ablonodan and Arloja

Tortoise Breathing Art
-Sindhi secret art, allows one to survive a long period of time without air, water, and food; usually cultivated by Saddhus

Ferocious Elephant Technique
-A skill of the royal family. Bestowed to the Xu Clan for their merits.

Might of the Barbaric God
-Created in the future by the military. Requires Tiger Bone to cultivate.
-Wang Chong claims that it is the best strength-based secret art from Origin Energy realm all the way to Profound Martial realm

Hexad Arms Technique (Dexterity-type)
Dozen Arms Technique
Twenty-Four Arms Technique
Thirty-Six Arms Technique

Phantom Steps
-Allows Wang Chong to create illusions
-Work together with his Tortoise Breathing Art to conceal his aura, thus making it impossible for his enemies to determine whether which illusion is true or false.


Great Tang
Imperial Consort Yang Guifei (Consort Taizhen)
Imperial Brother Yang Zhao (Yang Guozhong)

King Song (Li Chengqi)
Wang Clan
-Duke Jiu
-Wang Yan
-Wang Gen

King Qi
Yao Clan
-Old Master Yao (Yao Chong)
-Yao Guang Yi
-Yao Feng (Origin Energy Tier 9)

Su Clan
-Duke of Su
-Su Bai (Jailed)

Wang Chong
Tuoba Guiyuan
-A master blacksmith who became Wang Chong’s disciple after his blade was smashed by the latter.
2 Sindhi monks, Ablonodan & Arloja
-They are the ones whom Wang Chong approached to purchase the Hyderabad ore (High Priest)
Uncle Li Lin
Zhao Jingdian (Wang Chong’s aude in his previous life)
Zhang Munian
-Currently researching the production of hybrid rice in Annam
Miyasame Ayaka
-An assassin originally dispathced to murder Wang Chong, but eventually became his subordinate
Demonic Emperor Old Man (Zhang Wenfu)
Su Zhengchen
Swordsmithing Zhang Clan (Zhang Cong and Zhang Jian)

Wei Clan
-Duke of Wei (On bad terms with the Wang Clan)
-Wei Hao

Prime Minister Li Linfu

Duke of Xu, Xu Shao
-Hostile with Grandpa Wang

Imperial Tutor Wang Chongsi (太子少保王忠嗣)

Censor Zhou Zhang (Second Uncle)
-Black Kirin Zhou Jue


King Sosurim

Wang Family Clan Tree

Grandpa Wang (Duke Jiu), Wang Jiu Ling [Zhang Jiu Ling in history]

Big Uncle Wang Gen & Big Aunt Xing Chun Yuan (Court official)
-Cousin Wang Zhu Yan
-Cousin Wang Li (Ambitious)

Big Aunt Wang Ru Shuang & Uncle Li Lin (Imperial Army, Zhao Fengchen’s aide) (Eldest sibling of the Wang Clan)
-Wang Liang

Father Wang Yan & Mother Zhao Shu Hua (General)
-Eldest Brother Wang Fu
-Second Brother Wang Bei (Jailed, and Berserker Syndrome)
-Wang Chong
-Little Sister Wang Xiao Yao (Possess incredible strength and talent)

Little Uncle Wang Mi (Martial arts expert, military, unwedded)

Gramp’s subordinate
Duke of Ye/ Elder Ye (Ye Dong) [Military officer, skilled in military strategies]
-Granddaughter Ye Yinping (Reached True Martial Realm)
Big Beard/ Elder Beard
Old Master Qiao
Elder Ma [Skilled in finance – Does logistics for the army; ration officer]
Duke of Hu


Vice Head Censor (御史中丞)
Head Censor (御史大夫)
Regional Inspector (剌史)
Formation of Autonomous Military Districts (藩镇割据)


Inscription (On weapons)
-Inscribing a weapon gives it additional effects; strength inscription adds to your strength etc.
Martial Arts Fusion Conference
-The martial arts conference held later in the future during the catastrophe to open up all of the secret technique manuals to the public.
Grade-1 officials – Grade-9 officials

Stone of Destiny
-Upgrades the Bane of the Battlefield halo


Wang Family Residence
Yao Clan Residence
Purple Bamboo Garden
Bluebottle Pavilion
Falling Jade Pavilion
陇山 -> 六盘山 -> Liupan Mountain (Near Gansu Province)
Imperial Prison
Death Prison
Jiannan (In Annan region)

Some Basic Great Tang Knowledge

The Tang Dynasty was an era that came after the Sui Dynasty (581-618)
Ever since its establishment, Tang Dynasty had been a prosperous nation. Its territories grew frequently, and there were many traders that traveled to Great Tang to conduct business. During this era, many people of different races could be seen in the capital, and it was a very affluent city.

The Tang Dynasty was founded by Li Yuan (father) and Li Shimin (son).
Li Shimin convinced his father to rebel against the Sui Dynasty, and he played a crucial role in defeating several powerful enemies and solidifying Great Tang’s power.
Thus, Li Yuan became the first enemy of Great Tang, and he was known as Emperor Gaozu (1).
However, Li Shimin went on to kill his brothers, and fearing what he might do next, Li Yuan decided to abdicate, allowing for Li Shimin’s rise to the throne.
Li Shimin became the second emperor of Great Tang, and he was known as Emperor Taizong (2).

After that, there was Gaozong (3) (649-683 (suffered stroke at 660, handed power over to Wu Zetian)), Zhongzong (4) (684; 705-710), Ruizong (5) (710-712), and eventually, Xuanzong.
Empress Wu, known as Wu Zetian, was a concubine of Taizong (2).
She went on to marry his successor, Gaozong (3), and became the empress.
However, at 660, Gaozong (3) suffered from a stroke, and Wu Zetian became the administrator of the court, a position similar or perhaps even above the emperor, until a coup in 705.
Zhongzong (4) was the son of Wu Zetian and Gaozong (3). However, when he came to the throne in 684, he tried to struggle and rule free of his mother Wu Zetian’s influence, so Wu Zetian banished him, putting Ruizong (5) in place instead. During the period, Ruizong (5) served as the crown prince while Wu Zetian wielded ultimate authority. Eventually, a coup occurred in 705, and Zhongzong (4) was put back into position.

Zhongzong (5)’s wife was known as Empress Wei, and together with Princess Anle, she tried to imitate Wu Zetian’s actions to gain dominance over the royal court.
During the five years of Zhongzong’s rule (705-710), Empress Wei possessed great power. In fact, many historians believed that Empress Wei poisoned Zhongzong (5) in 710 to gain ultimate power.

However, Li Longji (Xuanzong) rebelled together with Princess Taiping to remove Empress Wei to install Ruizong (5) to the throne in 710.
Eventually, Ruizong (5) abdicated in 712 and gave the throne to Xuanzong.
(Li Longji is the son of Ruizong while Princess Taiping is the sister of Ruizong)

However, initially, when Ruizong (5) abdicated, Princess Taiping convinced Ruizong to retain power as the Taishang Huang to wield true power.
Accusing Princess Taiping of a coup, Xuanzong moved quickly to destroy Princess Taiping’s associates and forced her to commit suicide. After which, Ruizong (5) yielded the imperial authority.

The story starts with Xuanzong, the Sage Emperor.

The glossary isn’t comprehensive. If there’s anything you would like to know about a detail within the book that isn’t contained in the glossary, feel free to leave a comment (leave the chapter number)


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